Michael Douglas gives me the creeps. Always has. Not sure why -- he's not a bad actor -- but it's rather disappointing he's infiltrated the Super Bowl.

:: National Anthem ::

I really like players who sing -- and know -- the National Anthem. We should all know it, but it's far too rare so see and hear folks singing along. And as big, strong, and fearsome as the players are, they're still awed by the flyover. Something about military jets makes us all five again.

The best version of The Star Spangled Banner I've ever heard was before game three (I think) of the 1986 World Series in Boston. Smokey Robinson combined the National Anthem and America the Beautiful. Normally I'm a purist -- don't muck with the anthem, but that was the best I've heard. Anyone have a recording of it?

Commercial analysis: XXX -- What kind of "secret agent" has his code name TATTOOED on his neck? Even French Intelligence could spot him!