22 July 2010

The Last Navigator

On July 12th the world lost master navigator Mau Piailug, as noted in this obituary from The Economist.  You may have seen The Last Navigator on TV as part of PBS's Adventure series, or read the book by Steve Thomas on which it was based. 

Steve writes on his web site about the lessons learned from Piailug during their time together.  One late night Piailug shared this wisdom with Steve:

"To be a palu you must have three qualities: fierceness, strength, and wisdom; The knowledge of navigation brings all three. Fierceness, strength, and wisdom, Steve. That is a navigator, and a navigator is a man."

15 July 2010

After a year, what could possibly inspire me to post?

In these turbulent times we are desperate for heroes to step forth and lead us back into prosperity. Today I found my hero. A courageous man on a mission to ensure the political, educational, social, and economic equality of Mullet-Americans and eliminate mullet prejudice.

Read the blog. Watch the videos. Feel his pain. Share his dream.

BIFPIB, my friends.