Commercial analysis: Publix, with the boy baking a Valentine's cake for his mother. This may have been a local spot, so not everyone saw it, and it broke Ray's Rule #1 for Super Bowl ads (don't show a commercial you've previously aired -- debut them on the big stage), but it's still touching. Some -- not I! -- might have teared up.

Commercial analysis: Ford, with the Mustang frozen at the stoplight. Ray's Rule #2 for Super Bowl ads: Don't buy more than one spot if you only have one ad to show. This was an OK commercial when we first saw it just prior to the game, and it only drops in value with subsequent showings.

Commercial analysis: Ford just aired the Mustang commercial AGAIN. Bad, bad Ford. If you're out of fresh ads, show the "track of dreams" spot with Steve McQueen again. That was a hot one.


Anonymous said…
Ray, Thanks for mentioning the Publix commercial. I am actually the real life mother of the boy in that commercial (Zach Mills) and since we live in LA where it filmed, we don't get to see it. (It only airs in Fla, Georgia, South Carolina, Alabama and Tennessee)
I am really suprised but excited to know it aired during the superbowl. Thanks for your post!
Sincerely, Kerry Mills-Weishampel