Rock violin?

No, not Dave Stewart.  Classic, unplugged, wonderful violin.  Playing AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, Rush, and Van Halen. 

That's what we witnessed Saturday evening at Eddie's Attic.  Initially we went to see Robert Henson, Deidre's brother, on the upright base (is there a cooler instrument?).  Rob rocked, as usual, but we had no idea how good his band would be.  Rob's band is actually Bobby Yang's project, and Bobby is the wild man on violin.  It's difficult to find words that describe his playing, so see and hear it for yourself, and experience him the next chance you get.

As a drummer since the age of seven, I tend to focus on the guy behind the kit, and Bobby Yang found Mark Cobb, who's damn talented.  Worked through "Tom Sawyer" cleanly, which is a feat. 

In our location near the bar we chatted a bit (between songs, of course -- this was Eddie's Attic!) with a couple next to us.  I didn't catch the bloke's name, but he's in a Weezer tribute band.  Read that again.  A Weezer tribute band.  That's either a sign that a band has made it, or a sign of the apocalypse.  (I understand the attraction, however, as Weezer's style is straightforward, fun rock.)  If I could find the talent I'd start a Zombies tribute project...