I rock for an old guy

So I was told by my 17-year-old future step cousin in law.

Thanksgiving day, following the devastation of two turkeys and all the fixin's one could want (but before the food coma set in), Hector and I snuck down to the basement to jump on Xbox Live.  He's recently focused on leveling up as a Halo 2 sniper, and I thought I could join him without bringing shame upon myself.  Hey, I've spent a good bit of time with Halo.  I'm not *that* old.  I can hang, right?

Sorta.  Hector's sniping skills (along with those of his team mates) were far above mine, but I did OK in the general carnage games.  Indeed, in one bout of slayer, I picked up a rocket launcher, then jumped from one platform to another, landing right behind an opponent.  At that moment I realized I was out of ammo, which Hector also realized as he was waiting to respawn.  This old warrior didn't panic, however -- I just took a few steps forward, pressed the B button twice, and used the trusty melee skills to take care of the bad guy.

That move prompted the "you rock for an old guy" praise (at least, I think it was praise), and gave me enough pride to surive another hour of humiliation.  By that time I was ready for dessert.