Lifetime dream fulfilled

My sister Sue is five years my senior, and introduced me to a number of cool bands during her college (my high school) days. One break -- Thanksgiving 1983, I believe -- she brought home a tape of The Zombies.  (Tapes are what we listened to in suitcase-sized Walkmen, back when Sony ruled the portable music world.)

The tape was a mix, made up mostly of tracks from Odessey and Oracle.  I dug it immediately.  Since then I've stuck with the group, listening to everything I could get my hands on and introducing the band to friends who dig music from the British Invasion era. 

A few years ago Colin Blunstone (vocals) and Rod Argent (keyboards, composer) reunited, touring the UK and even dashing over to the US for a bit.  Unaware of this, I missed the US dates, and nearly flew to England for a week filled with The Zombies and the Goodwood Festival of Speed.  Circumstances conspired against me, however, and I remained in the universe of frustrated fans who'd not yet witnessed a live show.

Until last night.  The Zombies rolled into town as part of Little Steven's Underground Garage tour, and I was front and center.  (Probably the only person under 50 who knew all the words.)  Colin's voice is a bit harder than before, but, well, he's 62.  Looked damn stylish in his
Nehru jacket, too.  They played many of the songs I wished to hear, with the glaring exception of Walking in the Sun.  Rod might have enjoyed his interminable keyboard solos a bit too much, but that's a small price for us to pay.  Some may even like Hold Your Head Up enough to justify its Low Spark for High-Heeled Boys-like duration.  Bryan from The Forty Fives kinda obtained Colin's and Rod's autographs for me, which are awaiting an appropriate frame.

Speaking of Bryan, he and his mates in
The Forty Fives were fantastic, as were gents from The Mooney Suzuki.  (The base was cranked so high for the latter that not only did my chest rumble on one and three, but my nostrils vibrated as well.  Now that's sound pressure.)  If need be, push nuns out of your way if the opportunity arises to see either band.

I can sleep peacefully now.