An All-Star Weekend

Just returned from the Major League Baseball All-Star Game in Detroit. Over the past few years my mother has grown into quite a baseball fan, which was rewarded with the Red Sox championship last year. So when the opportunity arose to attend the All-Star Game courtesy of the fine folks at MLBAM, she was a natural guest.

We thought we would expand our cultural horizons by staying across the river in Windsor, Ontario. Unfortunately Windsor seems devoid of culture -- it's really not a pleasant city.  The park along the riverfront was nice enough, and the people natives kind, but these positives were overshadowed by the downtown blight.

Windsor aside, however, the All-Star Game and related festivities, such as FanFest and the Home Run Derby, made the trip worthwhile.  Even better was the joy on my mother's face as David Ortiz, Johnny Damon, and Manny Ramirez were announced before the big game, and the look of relief as the Home Run Marathon finally ended deep into the night.

Please check out the photo album to the right when you get the chance.