Diaper Genie v. Diaper Champ

Here's a recent IM exchange between your truly and a friend who's three weeks away from birthing her first child.

Me: Do you have a Diaper Genie?

MTB (Mother To Be): Yes, AND a Diaper Champ.  My neighbor gave me an unopened Diaper Genie and someone gave me a Diaper Champ at my shower.

Me: Excellent.  Will you standardize on one platform, or keep two for vendor competitiveness?

MTB: I think keep 2.  Diaper Genie uses proprietary technology, while Diaper Champ is open platform, so the additional cost of Diaper Champ is minimal, and having both devices allows for stink-free changes on two floors.

MTB: Make sense?

Me: I concur with that approach.  Considering you're working with sunk costs, the initial capital outlay is a wash.  Diaper Champ opex should be much less than the Genie, as the former relies on finished materials from other service providers.  Provided you purchase these other services, you should be fine.

Me: Regardless, two devices are necessary, so you're well covered.

MTB: And since device compatibility isn't required for the expected use, there's really no harm in trying both.  After all, we're talking about an area in which performance differentials can be quite critical to the overall user experience, and may well outweigh any additional opex costs.

We've been in the corporate world far too long.