All the inauguration news got me thinking about the unique nature of the president's single-letter nomenclature, "W." One-word names used to signify cultural significance; now one letter demonstrates even more meaning.

So who else is a memeber of the single-letter club? I can think of only two others, both fictional characters. Herewith are the letters and their associated cultural and/or historic references, from my narrow perspective:
A - First who pops to mind is former Saturday Night Live alum A. Whitney Brown ("Someday, hopefully, *the* Whitney Brown").
B - No one, although Stringer Bell and Avon Barksdale referred to each other as "B" in the HBO series The Wire.
C - Nothing.
D - Drawing a blank. Continuing The Wire referece, D'Angelo Barksdale was known as D.
E - Nada.
F - Hmm. Nope. Sringing these two together reveals "E.F.," as in "E.F. Hutton." Weak, I know.
G - No one person, but "G Money" is fun to say.
H - David Caruso's character from CSI: Miami, because "Horatio" is apparently too difficult to pronounce.
I - Nope.
J - Gotta be Doctor J, even if he was a nemesis to my beloved Celtics.
K - Nothing.
L - Uh uh.
M - Why "M" from James Bond. This is one of the two others I thought of.
N - Zip.
O - Zero.
P - Positively nothing.
Q - Another James Bond character, and the only other one on this list.
R - No one yet, although I'm hoping to claim this, much like the NYSE is saving "M" for Microsoft, should the latter decide to abandon the Nasdaq.
S - Drawing a blank.
T - Mr. T might work, but he needs the salutation.
U - Thankfully no one, except, perhaps, "you."
V - Still available.
W - The president. And the bumper sticker.
X - Malcolm X, but the X is lost without the Malcolm.
Y - Uh, no.
Z - Surprisingly unclaimed.

Any thoughts? Please post your comments!