This evening I crossed a dangerous line. I ran in the rain.

Those who've known me for a while probably fell off their chairs when they read that I ran, much less in the rain. See, I really don't like jogging. I can (and have) run all day playing basketball, baseball, software, you name it. But I find jogging for the sake of jogging unbearably boring. And, at the risk of offending many friends, in my experience hard-core runners are among the most one-dimensional people I know. Every conversation seems to revolve around shoes, times, blisters, clubs, the lack of dating, and other mind-numbing topics.

There. I feel better. Not physically, mind you -- I'm not a runner -- but perhaps lashing out at those who are in far better shape than I will salve the pain coursing through my legs and lungs.

What I wouldn't give for a Quarter Pounder with Cheese...