Last post I promised to share my favorite TV dramas, so here we go:

The Wire. Soon to commence its third season, HBO's The Wire is perhaps the most complex show I've seen, with a large, talented (and largely talented) cast, and the respect to play storylines out over multiple episodes. The writers realize viewers are with them for the long haul, and are thus not compelled to wrap a bow around each week.

Dominic West is the leading man, portraying Detective Jimmy McNulty (fans of Rock Star will remember West's line to Mark Wahlberg: "So, you want the gig then?"). Baltimore is the backdrop, with season one centering around the west side drug scene, and season two the docks. Climb on board for season three now, and bring a friend. You'll probably want to dig through the web site for character profiles and storylines from the first two seasons.

The second series is another cop show, The Shield. I came late to this game, following it beginning last year. Since then I've caught the last two seasons on reruns, fortunately, as this show, too, benefits from intricate storylines and history-minded writers. Many are thrown by the lead character, Detective Vic Mackey, the portrayal of whom won Michael Chiklis an Emmy. Mackey is a dirty cop. Plain and simple. He protects drug dealers -- for a cut of the action, of course. He and his crew steal money, too, but only from the "bad guys." For all of his twisted morality and brutal beatings, Mackey still cuts a compassionate character.

Set your PVR to snag these shows tonight and thank me later.