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The Media Action Network for Asian Americans is irritated because the father character of Lucy Liu in the new Charlie's Angels movie is white when 'clearly she is not.'
'Lucy Liu is clearly Asian, predominately Asian at the very least, but she is definitely not half,' MANAA says. 'To now imply that she’s half Asian belittles the pleasure and relief Asian Americans and fair-minded audiences had when they saw an Asian woman standing up for justice and overcoming great obstacles.'
MANAA claims to have gotten an early copy of the movie script in which Liu’s father was Chinese and her mother Jewish. They apparently liked this mix, praising it as a 'very unique bi-racial couple that is rarely seen in film,' but took offense at the final version in which John Cleese play’s Liu’s father and a voiceless extra plays her Chinese mother."

Am I to understand that people derived "pleasure and relief" from Liu's performance in Charlie's Angels? Any performance, for that matter? When the highlights of a movie are the cars ('67 Ferrari GTO, Aston-Martin DB5, Maserati Spyer, Shelby Cobra, Porsche 911 Turbo), you know you're in for a long 111 minutes.

If anyone should be able to obtain "pleasure and relief" from Liu, it's I. She does come across the best in the movie, but that's like saying Jose Canseco was the best outfielder during his days with the A's.

The three times I tried to access MANAA's site directly it crashed my browser, so I can't ridicule other items they might find offensive. Really, people, don't you get that Cleese as a father to anyone, in any movie, is a joke? Now throw in the obvious racial differences, and you've got a knee-slapper.