Where's Dave?

My morning workout schedule has been wrecked by David Letterman's absense from "The Late Show." Instead of retiring at the usual time of 11:30, following "The Daily Show" (perhaps the funniest show on television), I've forced myself to stay awake to watch the guest hosts. A few weeks ago Vince Vaughan turned in one of the finest hosting jobs I've ever witnessed, and I'm a connisseur of late-night talk shows. Having seen him in only a few movies, I was unaware of his quick wit. Also a surprise is his height -- 6'5", or "freakishly tall," in his own words.

One of his guests, Geri Halliwell (Ginger Spice), was nearly his equal. She lowered Vaughan's defenses by convincing him to try some crazy yoga position on the floor in front of the desk. This, of course, required him to remove his PT-109esque shoes. Ms. Halliwell is quite limber -- god bless her. She seemed quite taken by Vaughan. Hmm.

Anywho, Bill Cosby hosted a few nights ago. I've not seem him in ages. Similar stuff with the same delivery, which is fine as that's what butters his bread. No one does the family comedy routine better than Cosby. He looked completely unprepared, but that just made the interviews even better. Funny schtuff.